What is Counseling?

Who are we?

As counselors we are often confronted with the question of our identity. Many consumers are interested in what the difference is between us and a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a social worker. Often theses questions are asked but never directly answered. As a private practitioner I often find myself having to answer these questions for my patrons.

What a counselor is:

A counselor is a helping practitioner who is trained to work with people from a developmental perspective. The role and identity of a counselor is not static, it is dynamic, we continue to develop professionally as well as personally.  Counseling generally engages people from a developmental perspective, and in a culturally competent format. Clinical counseling includes all the above information and the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders (like psychology). Our services provide both general and clinical counseling to consumers.We can work in numerous settings, with varying specializations in counseling, we can be practitioners, consultants, researchers, and educators. Counselors have a multifaceted role among helping professionals.

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