Marbury & Associates PPT

The type of counseling you receive will depend upon the issue, the counselors level of training and/or speciality area. Examples of different types of counseling:

Crisis Intervention Counseling

In cases of emergency (such as rape, spouse abuse, running away, and suicide), the counselor will help you get through the crisis and refer you to further counseling or medical care, if needed. These services are provided by many community health agencies, help lines and hotlines.

Individual Counseling

You meet one-on-one with the counselor. This type of counseling works well when problems surround your personal issues and emotions. In addition some problems are very personal and difficult to confront in the presence of others such as sexual abuse, grief, depression, anxiety and phobias.

Family Therapy

Sometimes a problem is not part of just one person but has roots in close relationships with others, especially family members. Family therapy can help family members resolve issues among the family unit.

Group Counseling

In group counseling, people join in the group to discuss their problems with others who have the same or similar problems. The session is guided by a counselor. Members in the group often share the same problem but not always depending on the type of group.

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