The Benefits of Hypnosis in Therapy

When most people think of hypnosis their mind will access a memory of cartoon characters with a medallion and one charter saying “…you are getting very sleepy…”. And sometimes the brain will access memories from sitcoms with situations where people went in for help with one issues and came out barking like a dog when faced with a stimulus. While those television shows are very entertaining and allow for you to see hypnosis in a humorous light-it is not an accurate portrayal of hypnosis.

The process of hypnosis can be very therapeutic and allow for a more intensive therapeutic process. Thereby resolving issues that can take a decade in talk therapy in 18 months of therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can be used to effectively treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, sexual abuse issues, addictions, weight-loss issues, smoking addiction, and many more issues. Hypnotherapy allows for healing issues on a deeper level.

There are some things you need to know about hypnosis:

1. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy occurs during an increased alpha brain wave production state. This state happens to you naturally every night when you are lucid just before going to sleep.

2. You are completely aware and will remember everything that happens during the hypnosis/hypnotherapy process.

3. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy allows access to you subconscious mind which is like a tape recorder in the background of your life constantly recording everything you experience.

4. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy does not go against any religious beliefs or practices.

In my practice I have been using hypnotherapy for more than six months allowing my clients to heal issues from various points in their lives (any of my present clients reading this please feel free to comment on your experience with it). We use heart centered hypnotherapy allowing for healing of issues from birth trauma to present issues. Hypnosis is available to present and new consumers and your insurance covers the cost of the service as it is billed as a therapeutic tool. We will be starting a weight-loss hypnosis group in August using the same hypnosis/hypnotherapy techniques employed by the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center. For questions, more information about, or an appointment, for hypnosis/hypnotherapy or traditional counseling please email me:

It’s that time of year again…

Helping us to help others thrive…

When many people hear the word counseling they think of all the negative stereotypes that commonly fall under the rubric of “crazy”. Rarely do we think, many of the people making headlines in the news would not be there if they could have received the help they needed through counseling. Counseling agencies are run on the big business model and if the units of service are not met they do not receive the funding they need to continue their business. My vision for the service I provide was and is to provide quality service and catch those who fall between the cracks in mental health.

In 2002, I knew I needed a nonprofit tax id but I was not sure how I was going to use it and when I would be able to use it. I knew I wanted to help people and catch those who most often fall between the cracks in our community. Today my practice reaches out to consumers in and around Cleveland. We have had clients come from as far as Twinsburg, Hudson, and Wooster for, our services. Using technology we have been able to help some in North Carolina and Florida. Counseling is needed and widely used by more than 50% of the American population. My passion and dedication for the service I provide has lead to my being innovative in how I provide my services. With the help and technology knowledge of my friend at Hurricane Labs I have integrated the use of Skype and FaceTime to provide secure web based services to consumers who want the help but cannot make their office visit. I have developed and used my mobile therapy unit to go out into other communities to provide the services to those who need them most.

This year alone in the services I provided I have corrected a half dozen misdiagnosed children and worked with their pediatricians to get them properly medicated. I have watched three young adults grow beyond the limits of their Bipolar diagnosis and helped them achieve balance and stability in their life. I have received numerous thank you notes from families for the work I have done with their loved ones. I have the outcomes and the gratitude to know that my mental health model works. While my work is invaluable it is through the support from people like you that our doors remain open. On January 28th we would have been open and operational for 9 years. In 2013 we are hoping to integrate trained therapy dogs into the practice to aid in the patient healing process.

As the end of the year approaches tax season is soon to begin. Why give your tax dollars to uncle Sam when you can lend your support to your community. Donate a portion of what you would pay in taxes to us- to helping others. We are asking for your donation of support today. Your monetary gift to the Alternatives Center is a tax-deductible gift, so please make your end of year donation today.

When you make your donation, please include your contact information and we will send you a receipt for your tax-deductible gift. Please make checks payable to Alternatives Center and write “donation” in the memo section of the check. Or you can make your donation online using the paypal ID: Why wait? Make your year-end tax-deductible gift now. When you contribute you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped change the lives of people in need in your community. If you know of a person or business who would like to make a donation for an end of the year tax write off please don’t hesitate to forward this information to them!


Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion,
Ja’Nitta Marbury, Ph.D., PCC-S

Feeling S.A.D.?

I thought it appropriate to blog on Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as SAD. SAD is a DSM-IVTR diagnosable mood disorder falling in the category of depression. The symptoms usually begin in fall or winter with the shortened days and goes into remission in the spring when the days become longer and there is more sunlight. Some of the symptoms include prominent anger, hypersomnia, overeating, weight gain, and a craving for carbohydrates. SAD is more common in women with 60-90% of women experiencing it. People in high latitudes experience SAD more often, it is less likely to be present in children. A seasonal pattern is also applicable to people diagnosed with Type I & II Bipolar disorder.

Treatments for SAD very. A number of my clients begin an increased regime of anti depressants in late September to combat the symptoms of SAD. Others of my clients who are not interested in taking more medication use light therapy. Phillips makes a wonderful gradual wake alarm clock that mimics waking up to natural sunlight. They also sell lights to use for so many hours a day to help reduce SAD effects and increase energy: There is also a company called Verilux that sells light bulbs you can use in your home to mimic sunlight as well (and no the Reveal light bulbs will not suffice). You can visit: and right now they are having a sale 25% off light therapy products as a resulting of daylight savings.

Other things aside from light therapy I suggest to my clients is to have your vitamin D levels checked. Vitamin D is produced by our bodies naturally by spending 4+ hours a day in direct sunlight. If you are not then you likely need a supplement. Decreased vitamin D levels can result in depressed mood, high blood pressure, and joint/muscle aching. To give you a better idea of why you need to see your doctor to have this checked: I suffer with low vitamin D levels and the over the counter dosage is not enough for me so this time of year to ward off the muscle aches I usually have I’m prescribed 50,000 iu’s per week in order to maintain normal levels in my body and otc’s do not come in 50,000 iu. Please keep in mind if you are African American or any other shade of brown you have more melanin in your skin and because of this the darker you are the more difficult it is for the sun to penetrate your skin and produce vitamin D. If not your doctor, a naturopath, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, or Ayruvedic practitioner can provide you with pharmaceutical grade vitamin D. The other thing you can (and should be doing for health anyway) is taking an omega 3 supplement. The best Omega 3 in my opinion is by Barlane’s The liquid form allows for better absorption in the body and it tastes nothing like fish oil! A combination of supplement therapy and light therapy can be equally as effective as drug therapy for SAD.

Physical Discipline & Your Child

I find myself often entertained by the children I see in my practice. I address the limits of confidentiality and it’s definition with them in the first session. More often than not I have a child tell me that their mommy said they should keep secrets from me or they will be taken away. When I inquire about the secrets after reassuring them they are in a safe space they most often share that they get “whippin’s” at home. I’m not a social worker I’m a counselor so I won’t be the person removing you from the home, I am a mandatory reporter but if it’s disciplinary, does not leave marks and is done appropriately-there is nothing for me to report. As the recipient of physical discipline growing up I find that it helped to keep me on the path to becoming a doctor so I don’t see a problem. In terms of development toddlers are more understanding of associating a misbehavior with pain then with an adult trying to appeal to them cognitively/rationally which developmentally they can’t not understand. Besides cognitive behavioral therapy does not work with Black people and will not work with Black children so physical discipline is warranted. As I have told my preteen consumers who have tried to get their parents in trouble with me for physical discipline “whippin’s are therapeutic”. I have also noted in the generations being raised now a clear lack of common sense. However for my clients who are raised in a home with the fear of physical discipline lingering over them for misbehavior they have common sense wise beyond their years. Some of them use their wisdom for good and others are on the path to becoming criminal master minds. I do believe there is a correlation (at least in Black people) between physical discipline and the development of common sense. What is your experience?

Heat & Your Mental Health


Many of you are taking some form of psychotropic medication. Have you taken the time to read the leaflet about your meds? Did you know that with most psychotropic medications you cannot be out in the sun for extended periods of time? It is hot out in the Cleveland area today and very sunny. Those of you on meds are likely to burn easily in the sun and need to take necessary precautions! If going out please put on sun block with the highest SPF you can find, your meds can make you more susceptible to sun burn and heat stroke so put on a hat to keep your head covered. Be sure to stay hydrated and carry water with you. Try to stay inside as much as possible under air conditioning to avoid negative side effects with you medications.

Stay Cool!

Welcome to the Blog Couch…

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