Meet the Staff



Dr. Ja’Nitta Marbury, Ph.D., PCC-S, LICDC, CHT

I have more than 10 years of experience working in the mental health field. My experience in the field includes research, private practice, community service, publication, professional presentation nationally and internationally, academic instruction, and mentoring. Marbury & Associates has multiple locations to serve your needs. We provide specialized services for counseling the culturally diverse. We also provide hypnosis, and NeuroAdvantage trainer services.

I provide diagnostic assessments of mental and emotional disorders, assessment and testing, individual counseling, group counseling, holistic mental health and art as therapy. Services are tailored to meet the needs of the client. The populations served include children, adolescents and adults up to age 65.


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William Washington, LPC, CHT

I am a licensed professional counselor and hypnotherapist. I work with adolescents and adults with a diverse spectrum of needs. My intention is to assist clients in discovering their full potential by empowering them to face their challenges with courage and self-compassion. I have a background in residential work, community based services, and working with at risk youth. As an integrative therapist I connect with each client and engage them in the process of developing realistic therapeutic goals to improve their quality of life. I employ a variety of techniques including but not limited to CBT, mindfulness, goal and trauma focused practices.


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Ricki Audrick, MSW, LSW, RMT

I am a clinical licensed social worker that believes in a holistic approach to helping you discover your best self, using mental health therapy, relaxation therapy, meditation, coaching, and other specialized wellness interventions such as EFT, reflexology, polarity, and Reiki. You and I will work together by utilizing a holistic combination of treatments to help you improve your emotional and mental health. I only work with adults with a variety of issues from mental and emotional issues to chemical dependency.


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Melvin Johnson, LPC, Hypnotherapist

I have worked extensively on the concept of behavior modification with youth, both teen and preteen ages. As a social worker and unit manager at a state institution for juvenile delinquent boys, the manager of group home for juvenile sex offenders, and a counselor at an alternative learning school, I am very comfortable with and have been very successful working with this population. I have developed specialized groups and interventions for “at risk” youth, including a behavior modification program entitled, “Any Kid Can” that addresses most of the issues that they struggle with including family integration.

I specialize in working with both victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse and domestic violence; at risk youth and youth involved with the juvenile justice system. Have developed specialized groups for this population including anger management. Also do Individual and family counseling.

Having retired from the military, I am very comfortable with and cognizant of cultural diversity issues, and of the complex issues that are unique to veterans. I was also trained and have certificates in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy issued by the Philippine Hypnosis Society, Mt. Banawe Hospital, Quezon City, Philippines.

**** Melvin is based in the Toledo Ohio Location****


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Scott Brown, MA, LPC, CDCA, CHT

While I have only been licensed for a short time I knew this was my calling in life and have done this work informally for years. I work with adults only dealing with issues of mental health, change of life, and substance abuse problems. I am a clinical hypnotherapist. And with empathy and sensitivity I can help you regain the balance you seek in your life.

**** Scott is based in the Toledo Ohio Location****

STAFF PHONE/TEXT                       EMAIL        LOCATION
DR. JA’NITTA MARBURY 216.371.3420 Woodmere, Ohio
WILLIAM WASHINGTON 216.302.8260 Euclid, Ohio
RICKI AUDRICK 216.302.7990 Lakewood, Ohio
RENEE POPOVIC 216.254.5839 Lakewood, Ohio
MELVIN JOHNSON 419.490.5122 Toledo, Ohio
SCOTT BROWN 567.343.0383 Toledo, Ohio