Integrative Services

Presently in the field of medicine, doctors have noted that in many patients when their physical ailments have been treated to the point of curing their disease, the disease often returns. When only treating the body and not treating the mind the result would be equivalent to dressing a wound and not cleansing it first. Once the wound is covered it is ripe for the growth of infection and disease below the surface. Healing the body without healing the mind allows for the return of the physical ailment and/or new physical ailments and disease to arise. One key factor in the return of disease is the level of stress endured by the patient. Stress is a mental state of duress that will begin as a manifestation in the mental/emotional realm first. When it does not stop there it will step down into mental/emotional ailments such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis. The next step down from there are the physical ailments such as the aches and pains associates with depression, or the development of high blood pressure from post-traumatic stress disorder. Here we remain on the cutting edge in this field as we now offer services to heal the mind-body connection.We will begin adding these new services in August 2009. Over the next year the service menu will increase, and we are open to suggestions for services, you the consumer would like for us to provide. These new services will be complementary and integrative to the mental & emotional health services we currently provide. Our Integrative Mental Health Services are rooted in the principals of Ayurveda the science of life-traditional medicine native to India.

All of our new services can be used to complement the counseling services provided or can be provided independent of any counseling services.

  • Polarity Therapy: From the basis of physics your body is made of energy that has negative and positive charges. Much like a battery you have to have a balance of the negative and positive for anything to function. The same is true in your body you need to have a balance/neutral state for your body to function properly. Polarity  therapy being the bodies energy to a neutral state of balance. It works with all the bodies  systems including the mental & emotional to being them into balance and improve/maintain your level of functioning.
  • Elemental Reflexology: Did you know that every organ on your body corresponds to a reflex point in your feet? Each organ also has an emotional attribute related to its healthy function. Reflexology is a system of applying pressure to points on the hands, feet and ears. Elemental reflexology integers the Ayurvedic principals with the system of reflexology developed by Dr. Fitzgerald in 1915. Elemental reflexology can be used as an assessment tool as well as a course of treatment. Your experience here will be with elemental foot reflexology.
  • Reiki: Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique of stress reduction, and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki is the healing of life-force energy. The process and experience of Reiki is spiritual in nature but it is not a religion, it does not go against any religion, nor do you have to believe anything to receive its healing benefits. Presently Cleveland Clinic has researched and been using Reiki practitioners with its patients.
  • Neuro-Advantage Trainer: Many of our consumers are children and we have found that many parents do not like to medicate their children. We have been using the Neuro-Advantage trainer with children and adults alike to complement the drug therapy prescribed by their psychiatrist. For our patients with ADHD, the Neuro-Advantage trainer has increased their ability to manage their ADHD symptoms. Many of our client have discontinued use of their medication (by their choice not by our recommendation) and with continued weekly use of the Neuro-Advantage trainer they have been able to manage their ADHD. The unit uses light and sound waves to bring brain waves into homeostasis, for optimal functioning. The unit can also be used for other psychological diagnoses or for something as simple as improving an athletes performance.

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