Counselor Resources

Subtler Shades of Race was written for parents of Biracial children with White mothers and Black fathers. The information is applicable to other Biracial populations as well. You will gain an understanding of what Biracial children face, and how to deal with it. The book is divided into three parts, one for background and viable research data, part two is information from the research and part three has suggestions for professional practitioners. The interview information from my research can provide many readers with a sense of universality. Not only have I researched this population, but I have also worked with them in a clinical setting. This text represents the highlights of my research and experience with Biracial populations. The book is avavilable in digital edition for Amazon Kindle Edition.


Have you ever wanted to own your own group home? We sell the Policy & Procedure Manual and documents you will need for an Ohio licensed foster care group home. With our docuemtns there are only two steps left for you to complete in the process. Our documentation meets the Ohio Deparment of Job & Family Services Licensing requirements. The basic information in the documentation is applicable to other licensing entities and other states. Email me for details, put group home in the subject line of your email.



Want to lower your overhead in your practice and provide services without boundaries? You too can have your own mobile therapy unit. We have the plans for sale. For more information e-mail me for details, put mobile unit in the subject line of your email.

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