Having Trouble With Your Medications?

One of the most frustrating aspect of mental health treatment for c consumers is medication. While I am not an MD and can not recommend anything I can share what I have seen with my consumers. Many people start a medication and feel like its not working and give up. This is actually a result of poor communication not necessarily the medication. What the doctor does not explain to you is that they gave you a starting dose and when you return for your follow up they will make adjustment to the dose base on how you respond to the initial prescription. Many people don’t like going through the process of medication adjustments. Another thing often not told to consumers is every medication does not work for everyone. Did you know there is a test to determine which medications are best for your DNA? The test is called Gene Sight Testing. It’s a simple Buccal swab (like a DNA test). There is a report you will receive that has 3 different columns of medications; red, yellow, and green. The red column are medications that will not work for you DNA. The yellow column medications may or may not work for your DNA. The green column medications should work for your DNA. For more information go to www.genesight.com The testing works well for ADHD medications, mood stabilizers, and pain meds to name a few. Below are a list of providers who do Gene Sight testing in the Cleveland area.

Psychiatrists that do Genesight testing:

Connections Health Care
24200 Chagrin blvd.
Beachwood, Oh

The Drs. are:
Gretchen Gardner
Fawzia Toor
Elaine Campbell
Jaina Amin
Sandra Kimble
Grace Herwig
Tiffany Jones

2490 Lee Rd
Cleveland Heights, Oh

Dr. Sarah Nagle Yang

Dr. Judith Hirshman
Beachwood, Oh

Signature Health Inc. (3 locations that have over 30 psychiatrists that can order Genesight)

5410 Transportation Blvd.
Garfield Heights, Oh

38882 Mentor Ave
Willoughby, Oh



For 2016 Im going to try and post each month on a mental disorder. People who have mental illness are often cast in a negative light. Popular media and the news only show you the negative side or the tragedy surrounding a mentally ill person. This lack of understanding perpetuates a cycle of ignorance thats passed down through the generations. Over the next 12 months I will share with you my clinical knowledge, anecdotal information, and interactions from the couch to increase your knowledge and decrease your fear of mental and emotional disorders. I will do my best not to use too much clinical jargon as I want this information to be easy to understand. And I won’t make it too long. Need more information or a clarification please don’t hesitate to contact me.

there is a thin line between genius and insanity…i like to use that line as a jump rope:
People are quick to label others as “crazy”. Well, Im here to tell you there is no such thing. At least not diagnostically. Everyone at some point in time exhibits behaviors and makes choices that can qualify as “crazy” or says something that sounds “crazy”. So does that make everyone “crazy”? I once had a twenty something in my office who asked me her diagnosis and I told her Bipolar disorder. She immediately burst into tears and said “but I don’t want to be Bipolar”. Well, no-one really wants to be bipolar. So I explained to her there is something wrong with everyone. Genetics are like rolling dice, you never know what you are going to get, but the odds are good that you are going to get something. Some people have physical ailments, others mental, and others emotional. There are some unfortunate souls who have a combination of two and even some that have all three. Some people spend their entire life (autism) plagued by their illness while others have a late onset (huntington’s disease or alzheimer’s). It helps to have some knowledge of your family tree so you can understand your genetic predisposition. For example, In order for you to have a Bipolar diagnosis someone else in you family must have it. One of the strongest genetic links in Bipolar disorder is among the Amish. Because they do not marry outside of their culture as a culture they have the largest concentration of the disorder over any other race or culture. Schizophrenia is another mental disorder with genetic links. For schizophrenia we have pinpointed the defective chromosome. We also know that if a father has schizophrenia his son is more likely to get it than his daughter. We don’t know why its this way, at least not yet. Just because one is genetically predisposed for something does not mean they will get it. The disease may be dormant in their system for an entire lifetime.
What people often see are the symptoms of bipolar mania or a schizophrenic psychotic episode. And because the behaviors are out of the norm they fear what they don’t know. There can be some very positive aspects of mental disorders as well. There are a small percentage of bipolar people who have euphoric, creative manic phases. Such that their mania is like a muse allowing them to write books and music and create wonderful art. It can allow them racing thoughts, and a flight of ideas resulting in thinking outside the box. Unfortunately the great majority of bipolar people experience the angry, and hypersexual manic phases and that is what the media chooses to share with the population.
When I was teaching, I once had a student ask me if I felt safer working with an unmedicated bipolar person or an unmedicated schizophrenic person. I said the schizophrenic person. Many people who have the disease are in fact harmless. The are in the world inside their head and not aware that you are even present. However they do have the potential for violence when you try to bring them out of their world and into the regular world. They can also be violent based on the content of their hallucinations or delusions. But the content always has a running theme and rarely ever changes. The voices are almost always the same voices. Sometimes they say something different but to the schizophrenic person they are the same voices with the same identity that has always been present. Once you gain some understanding of mental illness your respect for mental and emotional disorders will increase and your fear will decrease.
Above I have provided minimal information for 2 disorders and I will cover each one in depth for my monthly posts for this year. I ask that you take a moment and forward this information on those you know to increase the understanding and decrease the fear. Got questions? feel free to ask I will answer.

Fall Groups @ Toledo Ohio Location

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.41.21 AM

  1. Youth and Teen Anger Management: Psycho-educational groups for boys and girls ages 8-12 and 13-17.  Groups are ongoing and run 10-week cycles.  The group focuses on identifying anger, the causes, symptoms, negative effects, and how to effectively deal with anger in a appropriate way.  Maximum group size is 8-10 youths per group.  A state licensed professional counselor facilities all groups.
  1. Adult Male and Female Anger Management: Psycho-educational groups offered to men and women (not co-ed) who have difficulties dealing with anger. Groups focused on identifying the cause and effect of uncontrolled anger and how this anger effects other’s in their families.  Groups identify how to recognize the onset of anger identifying individual red flags and how to develop effective and appropriate interventions to avoid resorting to violence or unacceptable behaviors.  Groups are ongoing and run in 10-week cycles facilitated by Marbury and Associates state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Rites of Passage: Process/educational group for young black males and females ages 13-17.  Groups are ongoing, running in 10-week cycles.  Groups focus on increasing self-awareness, self-esteem, cultural history and self-confidence.  Improvement of problem-solving and socialization skills prepare youths to accept the responsibilities of becoming an adult.  Groups run in 15-week cycles and are facilitated at Marbury and Associates by a state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Violence Against Women: Psycho-educational group for women who are or have been victims of domestic violence.  Focus is on domestic violence which includes cause and effects of domestic violence, how to avoid being a victim and developing a plan/process for healing.  Groups are ongoing and run in 10-week cycles facilitated at Marbury and Associates by a state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Survivors: Self-help/process group for victims of sexual abuse.  Groups focus on the impact of being sexually abused including self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and the ability to cope on a daily basis.  These groups help improve self-esteem, self-confidence and facilitates the healing process.  Groups are ongoing, running in 12-week cycles facilitated at Marbury and Associates by a state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Adult Male Sex Offenders: Psycho-educational group for adult male sex offenders.  Groups focus on offender issues, victim empathy, thinking errors, recognizing the assault cycle, identifying red flags, and prevention.  Groups are ongoing, once weekly for 12-week cycles or until the offender completes the program (determined by the group facilitator; a state licensed professional counselor) Two state licensed professional counselors facilitate group.
  1. Any Kid Can: Process group designed to address the needs of young people between the ages of 10-17 years who are experiencing adjustment problems at home and in school.  This group is designed for youths who have a high probability of becoming involved in deviant or delinquent behavior.  This program offers group, family and individual counseling in the areas of conflict resolution, effective problem solving, self-esteem, substance abuse, anger management and self-control.  It also offers tutorial services for those having academic needs for services.  In addition, the Any Kid Can program will offer periodic seminars relative to various social issues, i.e., substance abuse, coping with stress, child abuse, effective communication, etc.  These seminars will be family oriented and open to the general public.  The specific program elements include the following:
  1. Prevent at-risk youths from continuing involvement in behaviors that will cause them to become adjudicated as delinquent.
  2. Lower the recidivism rate of youths already adjudicated as delinquent.
  3. Provide a group forum as well as individual and family counseling for youths referred to the program to have the specific needs identified in their assessment addressed.
  4. To improve the socialization and problem-solving skills, and instill a greater sense of self-worth in the youths involved in the program.
  1. Creative Arts Program: The goal of the creative arts program is to allow individuals ages 8-18, the opportunity to realize their potentials and limitations through the process of art.  The program focuses on reducing the number of specific behavior problems by providing a creative environment in which individuals can appropriately express emotional conflicts.  The program focuses on increasing the individuals’ levels of self-awareness through carefully planned art activities on a developing a more positive sense of self.  All art programs are ongoing and runs in 10-week cycles and is facilitated by an Marbury and Associates state licensed social worker with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Art Therapy.
  1. Non-specific Individual and Family Counseling: Individual and Family counseling offered on a referral and direct call basis.
  1. Hypnotherapy: For treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias, obsessive/compulsive behaviors and weight loss.
  1. Self-Hypnosis Group: 10-week group focused on learning self-hypnosis for relaxation, meditation, and self-improvement.

Growth & Expansion Are in the Air

In addition to the South Euclid and Maple Heights locations, Marbury & Associates will be opening three new locations. Beginning the week of June 8th Marbury & Associates Lakewood Ohio location (16903 Fischer Rd. Lakewood Ohio 44107) will begin to service consumers. Beginning June 15th Marbury & Associates Toledo, Ohio location will begin to service consumers (marburyassociates419@gmail.com). You may begin to schedule appointments via phone or email for these locations as early as May 29th 2015. Marbury & Associates Columbus location to open before the end of summer. Any questions about these locations please call Marbury & Associates 216.371.3420.

Attention Current Consumers:

We have subscribed to the therapy portal service which will allow for you to set your own reminders and view your clinicians scheduling availability. In about one week or so you will be able to schedule your own appointments online. Please use the “Client Portal” link below to view and familiarize yourself with the site. Please text or email me for your user ID and password. 

Dr. Marbury   

Client Portal

Integrative Mental Health: Water Depression

Presently in the field of medicine, doctors have noted that in many patients when their physical ailments have been treated to the point of curing their disease, the disease often returns. When only treating the body and not treating the mind the result would be equivalent to dressing a wound and not cleansing it first. Once the wound is covered, it is ripe for the growth of infection and disease below the surface. Healing the body without healing the mind allows for the return of the physical ailment and/or the opportunity for new physical ailments and disease to arise. One key factor in the return of disease is the level of stress endured by the individual. Stress is a mental state of duress that will begin as a manifestation in the mental/emotional realm first. When it does not stop there it steps down into mental/emotional ailments such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis. The next step down from there are the physical ailments such as the aches and pains associated with depression, or the development of high blood pressure from post-traumatic stress disorder. Using such holistic approaches as Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to western approaches can help to resolve the stress that causes mental distress that later manifests into mental and often physical disease.

Using the Ayurvedic/elemental approach and the mental wellness cycle chart that is posted let’s take a look at the mind body connection related to depression. There are different elemental types of depression and for our purposes and intents we will look at “water” depression which is very emotional depression harboring many tears and much sadness. So the thought that begins this is usually something one is very emotional about such as the ending of a relationship. In the Air state one would take on the negative thoughts associated with the ending of the relationship. In an attempt to prevent this feeling/state from happening Fire is ignited and emotional blocks are put in place which does not help to resolve the initial problem that spawned the negative thoughts. Over time (short time for some, longer time for others) Water emotions manifest into the mental disorder of depression. Eventually in settles in the Earth element causing physical manifestations of the depression. Through the use of Counseling and Holistic medicine one can work through the Water, Fire, and Air elements on the left side of the chart to return to the Ether element of mental wellness and stability. Attached is a suggested course of treatment from a holistic approach for “Water” Depression:






The Essence of Mental Health

When it gets to black people and mental health we rarely seek out the services we need. Typically we talk to pastors and elders who encourage us to pray it away and not talk to professionals or take medications. In our community we are quick to label people as crazy and whisper to others about that person instead of trying to understand what is wrong with them and be supportive of what they are going through. Our ignorance as a community when it gets to mental health allows for such tragedies as we have seen this fall with the Navy yard shootings and the fatal DC car chase both cases involved Black people with mental health issues. While I like most of you am only privy to to the biased information reported to us by the news. As a mental health professional I view things through a clinical set of lenses. Both tragedies could have been avoided if the people around them would have known the signs and symptoms of unmedicated mental disorders and what to do. Instead black people are so afraid of what they don’t know and so stuck with the view of praying something away or being strong enough to over come it they can’t see and deal with mental disease and defect for what it is. When having a heart attack or a stroke you’re not trying to pray that away or talk yourself into being strong enough to overcome it, you call for help-so why not call for help with physiologically based mental health issues. People even use the excuse of not wanting to tell all their business to someone of another race, they would rather talk to someone who understands them. There are plenty of Black therapists out there providing a service you need so now whats your excuse?? Lives have been lost all because we (Black people) as a community continue to wallow in our ignorance when it gets to mental illness. My mother’s half brother has schizophrenia. He is presently off his medication and has turned all the tv’s in his apartment to face the walls because there are people coming out of the tv’s and he has been urinating out his window on unsuspecting civilians below. Her family is quick to talk about him and say he “has lost his mind” or “gone crazy”. They are quick to sit in judgement of him and gossip about him but no one is trying to help him. He is not any “crazier” then he has always been, he stopped taking his medication. He needs a 5-7 day hospital stay to be stabilized on medications again and he will be fine. Truthfully he needs to be on a monthly injectable medication to increase medication compliance. Her family is responding from a place of ignorance and fear and not trying to help. So long as Black people are afraid of mental illness and busy praying about it instead of being proactive tragedies will continue to ensue. Mental illness is not just something that happens to White people, it happens to all people. Genetics are just a role of the dice and you never know what you are going to get. Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder are hereditary, just because its in your family does not mean you will get it. However, you do need to understand what it is and how it works as you may end up with a child that will have it. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one take them or yourself in for an assessment. 90 minutes of your time could help to avoid future tragedies.