Having Trouble With Your Medications?

One of the most frustrating aspect of mental health treatment for c consumers is medication. While I am not an MD and can not recommend anything I can share what I have seen with my consumers. Many people start a medication and feel like its not working and give up. This is actually a result of poor communication not necessarily the medication. What the doctor does not explain to you is that they gave you a starting dose and when you return for your follow up they will make adjustment to the dose base on how you respond to the initial prescription. Many people don’t like going through the process of medication adjustments. Another thing often not told to consumers is every medication does not work for everyone. Did you know there is a test to determine which medications are best for your DNA? The test is called Gene Sight Testing. It’s a simple Buccal swab (like a DNA test). There is a report you will receive that has 3 different columns of medications; red, yellow, and green. The red column are medications that will not work for you DNA. The yellow column medications may or may not work for your DNA. The green column medications should work for your DNA. For more information go to www.genesight.com The testing works well for ADHD medications, mood stabilizers, and pain meds to name a few. Below are a list of providers who do Gene Sight testing in the Cleveland area.

Psychiatrists that do Genesight testing:

Connections Health Care
24200 Chagrin blvd.
Beachwood, Oh

The Drs. are:
Gretchen Gardner
Fawzia Toor
Elaine Campbell
Jaina Amin
Sandra Kimble
Grace Herwig
Tiffany Jones

2490 Lee Rd
Cleveland Heights, Oh

Dr. Sarah Nagle Yang

Dr. Judith Hirshman
Beachwood, Oh

Signature Health Inc. (3 locations that have over 30 psychiatrists that can order Genesight)

5410 Transportation Blvd.
Garfield Heights, Oh

38882 Mentor Ave
Willoughby, Oh