Fall Groups @ Toledo Ohio Location

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  1. Youth and Teen Anger Management: Psycho-educational groups for boys and girls ages 8-12 and 13-17.  Groups are ongoing and run 10-week cycles.  The group focuses on identifying anger, the causes, symptoms, negative effects, and how to effectively deal with anger in a appropriate way.  Maximum group size is 8-10 youths per group.  A state licensed professional counselor facilities all groups.
  1. Adult Male and Female Anger Management: Psycho-educational groups offered to men and women (not co-ed) who have difficulties dealing with anger. Groups focused on identifying the cause and effect of uncontrolled anger and how this anger effects other’s in their families.  Groups identify how to recognize the onset of anger identifying individual red flags and how to develop effective and appropriate interventions to avoid resorting to violence or unacceptable behaviors.  Groups are ongoing and run in 10-week cycles facilitated by Marbury and Associates state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Rites of Passage: Process/educational group for young black males and females ages 13-17.  Groups are ongoing, running in 10-week cycles.  Groups focus on increasing self-awareness, self-esteem, cultural history and self-confidence.  Improvement of problem-solving and socialization skills prepare youths to accept the responsibilities of becoming an adult.  Groups run in 15-week cycles and are facilitated at Marbury and Associates by a state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Violence Against Women: Psycho-educational group for women who are or have been victims of domestic violence.  Focus is on domestic violence which includes cause and effects of domestic violence, how to avoid being a victim and developing a plan/process for healing.  Groups are ongoing and run in 10-week cycles facilitated at Marbury and Associates by a state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Survivors: Self-help/process group for victims of sexual abuse.  Groups focus on the impact of being sexually abused including self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and the ability to cope on a daily basis.  These groups help improve self-esteem, self-confidence and facilitates the healing process.  Groups are ongoing, running in 12-week cycles facilitated at Marbury and Associates by a state licensed professional counselor.
  1. Adult Male Sex Offenders: Psycho-educational group for adult male sex offenders.  Groups focus on offender issues, victim empathy, thinking errors, recognizing the assault cycle, identifying red flags, and prevention.  Groups are ongoing, once weekly for 12-week cycles or until the offender completes the program (determined by the group facilitator; a state licensed professional counselor) Two state licensed professional counselors facilitate group.
  1. Any Kid Can: Process group designed to address the needs of young people between the ages of 10-17 years who are experiencing adjustment problems at home and in school.  This group is designed for youths who have a high probability of becoming involved in deviant or delinquent behavior.  This program offers group, family and individual counseling in the areas of conflict resolution, effective problem solving, self-esteem, substance abuse, anger management and self-control.  It also offers tutorial services for those having academic needs for services.  In addition, the Any Kid Can program will offer periodic seminars relative to various social issues, i.e., substance abuse, coping with stress, child abuse, effective communication, etc.  These seminars will be family oriented and open to the general public.  The specific program elements include the following:
  1. Prevent at-risk youths from continuing involvement in behaviors that will cause them to become adjudicated as delinquent.
  2. Lower the recidivism rate of youths already adjudicated as delinquent.
  3. Provide a group forum as well as individual and family counseling for youths referred to the program to have the specific needs identified in their assessment addressed.
  4. To improve the socialization and problem-solving skills, and instill a greater sense of self-worth in the youths involved in the program.
  1. Creative Arts Program: The goal of the creative arts program is to allow individuals ages 8-18, the opportunity to realize their potentials and limitations through the process of art.  The program focuses on reducing the number of specific behavior problems by providing a creative environment in which individuals can appropriately express emotional conflicts.  The program focuses on increasing the individuals’ levels of self-awareness through carefully planned art activities on a developing a more positive sense of self.  All art programs are ongoing and runs in 10-week cycles and is facilitated by an Marbury and Associates state licensed social worker with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Art Therapy.
  1. Non-specific Individual and Family Counseling: Individual and Family counseling offered on a referral and direct call basis.
  1. Hypnotherapy: For treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias, obsessive/compulsive behaviors and weight loss.
  1. Self-Hypnosis Group: 10-week group focused on learning self-hypnosis for relaxation, meditation, and self-improvement.

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