The Benefits of Hypnosis in Therapy

When most people think of hypnosis their mind will access a memory of cartoon characters with a medallion and one charter saying “…you are getting very sleepy…”. And sometimes the brain will access memories from sitcoms with situations where people went in for help with one issues and came out barking like a dog when faced with a stimulus. While those television shows are very entertaining and allow for you to see hypnosis in a humorous light-it is not an accurate portrayal of hypnosis.

The process of hypnosis can be very therapeutic and allow for a more intensive therapeutic process. Thereby resolving issues that can take a decade in talk therapy in 18 months of therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can be used to effectively treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, sexual abuse issues, addictions, weight-loss issues, smoking addiction, and many more issues. Hypnotherapy allows for healing issues on a deeper level.

There are some things you need to know about hypnosis:

1. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy occurs during an increased alpha brain wave production state. This state happens to you naturally every night when you are lucid just before going to sleep.

2. You are completely aware and will remember everything that happens during the hypnosis/hypnotherapy process.

3. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy allows access to you subconscious mind which is like a tape recorder in the background of your life constantly recording everything you experience.

4. Hypnosis/hypnotherapy does not go against any religious beliefs or practices.

In my practice I have been using hypnotherapy for more than six months allowing my clients to heal issues from various points in their lives (any of my present clients reading this please feel free to comment on your experience with it). We use heart centered hypnotherapy allowing for healing of issues from birth trauma to present issues. Hypnosis is available to present and new consumers and your insurance covers the cost of the service as it is billed as a therapeutic tool. We will be starting a weight-loss hypnosis group in August using the same hypnosis/hypnotherapy techniques employed by the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center. For questions, more information about, or an appointment, for hypnosis/hypnotherapy or traditional counseling please email me:

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